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avoid this area there is a large primt ter. the center is right here on waters street there. will be a press update in about five minutes so we'll bring you latest tonight on abc 7 news. reporting live from santa cruz, abc 7 news. >> thank you. two schools under lock down. about 100 students taking part in after school programs when it happened. students have been taken by bus and there is an update in just minutes we'll bring you latest information just as breaking news situation be
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sure to follow us on twitter as well. oakland couple believed to be missing in peru has been found safe near the border of ecuador. garrett and his girlfriend are through south america. laura anthony is in concord. >> the state department will not confirm it, we know both that the couple is safe. if the plan holds, the families should hear from loved ones by telephone tomorrow morning despite that news, she's posted a sign for reporters that reads, quote, until we have proof of life we cannot celebrate these rumors and sightings. proof of life is my son's
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voice on the phone a picture of him holding the missing poster. calls to family members started to come in at 2:00 this afternoon that the couple was safe and on a boat in a a reliefedcyv after not hearing 1>÷ been posting regularly on facebook. they had not posted or contacted families for a full month. jamies sisters under west sacramento. >> i'm excited coming from them that is awesome. that is awesome. but i still want to hear my sister's voice. as her sister. you snow just to know. >> jamie is on leave from the bike shop where the owner launched a search effort of his ochblt he was relieved to
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heart news. >> feeling great. very, very happy. i'm sure lots of us will be talking to them, tomorrow. >> and here garrett's mother's house there is a sign posted on the door abc news has been in contact with tourist official who's told us that the boat the couple is on is pup sup posed to reach land sometime tomorrow, that is when the plan is to get the couple÷7ñ a satellite telephone so they can call their families directly. and that is what these family need, and want to hear their loved ones voices. >> thank you. >> coast guard called off a search fr a boat reportedly sank with fame on board. the coast guard says crews
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searched nearly 20,000 miles and found no sign of a sunken sail boat. there are no reports of a missing family or bo. this is video. crews ban after receiving two calls on sunday from a man on a ship he called the charm blow it doesn't matter whether it's a hoax or actual search we approach every search as if it's our own children. >> the case has similarities to hoax disstress call that's led to massive searches in those states last year. >> that search cost several hundred thousand=b:a dollars tt kind of money might not be easy to come by if the cuts take affect on friday. what will get cut if congress can't make a deal? >> we've heard about furloughs
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or tsa agents and border patrol agents but the coast guard is also under the department of homeland security and facing cuts. first i'd like to start with that exclusive video we got yesterday. when one of our photographs was on board. >> the coast guard flew out of the air force bhais. there was a long night of flying a search pattern. the pattern dictated by an onboard compute year they're able to take into conditions going on. what is the visibility? where is the ceilings at? >> the lieutenant flies helicopters but says the c 130 is he quipped with the same
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kind of gear. >> it will free up both pilots in the back to look outside for whoever is in distress. >> at night the crew wears night vision goggles but that cuts down on the field of vision. >> white caps, and it just makes itkgñ challenging. >> unless congress acts, it could cut $400 million from the budget this, week, homeland security secretary said we'll cut the patrols by 25% i asked if he'd heard about pending reductions. >> i think the residents in the bay have nothing to worry about. we'll continue to prosecute search and rescue as it comes in here.
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our mission is to provide capabilities that should not be affected. courtney says last year the coast guard station affected they saved seven lives and participated in the rescue of 17 other people. >> mark, thank you. >> police are looking for a second person in the deadly !ñ police believe tannisha howard was in the vehicle with the gunman the night of the shooting. police say kenny cherry was shot and killed while driving. his car blew through a red light, hit a cab, killing two people. police believe howard may be with the suspected shooter and investigators fear she may northbound danger. >> berkeley's historic post
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office is on the chopping block. but some residents are rallying to stop the sale of it. >> this is being done in berkeley fashion. if you can see behind me a man dressed as a founder of the u.s. postal service right now. the u.s. postal service lost $16 billion this month, announcing the end of saturday mail service cutting 150,000 jobs and closing thousands of post offices around the country. the city believes it will be one of them. the council will vote on a resolution to stop the postal service from selling> the building. the resolution reminds the requirement to provide services to the public calling on them to stop the sale of other post offices but the
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postal service says the pub slick overreacting. attempting to sell the building first preference is lease back the space because we just need that space. the building about 47,000 square feet. >> what l building it occupies, the meeting tonight is designed to clear up any misinformation about the postal office and it starts at 7:00 right here at the capitol chambers just to explain how bad the situation is they're launching a line of clothing next year, clearly a dire situation for them. >> thank you very much. >> we're live at the new san francisco cruise ship terminal and a surprise almost to the project that isn't going over
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well among neighbors. >> part two of an abc 7 news i team investigation into a chemical being found in our drinking water. a look at the cost of cleaning it up. >> warming continues but there may be rain coming our way.attñ i'll give you a look in just a moment. >> we continue to follow breaking developments in santa cruz. two police officers and a suspect have been
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controversial red light
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cameras at bay area intersections. turns out a lot of tickets resulting from being caught on camera don't end up in court. vic lee is live with the story. vick? >> many of the tickets are thrown out before they're sent out because of questions of accuracy. athat raises questions how effective are they? are they worth install whgt cities pay so much for them? the red light camera captured this collision but accidents are few. police say they void most rolling right turns most vile yaigs in other cities are for those turns called california stops now, we're learning almost half of all red light camera tickets are voided without the driver's knowing. in san mateo, 42% of the
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tickets are thrown out according to a monitoring group. the group says most other cities have sim already statistics for tickets that are rejected. >> if you've got a sick tim where only half are caught or charged there is some ash temporariness and unfairness to it. >> each violation is both reviewed and approved by the issuing authorities before sent. one of the largest red light camera makers claims more than half of tlen out but it justify that's huge number saying it's because of the thorough respru ses. producing this video showing detailed review, police check
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the violation before sending it to courts. >> this is a plus in a sense we're able to catch these maybe minor, not true violations and send out ones that will lead to conviction. >> but getting those is draining could havers of the local courts. last year there are 11,000 red light camera cases. almost 30% of all traffic cases on the calendar this, is taxing the court budget which has been cut. are. >> is in the best use of police resources? >> some cities say these cameras have made a difference and other cities like los angeles said they didn't and pulled cameras.w7 two giants in this industry did not return our e mail
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autos thank you. >> we want to go back and update breaking news. we have a tragic update to report on that story. >> peeve just learned all three have died. two police officers and a suspect confirmed dead now. we'll stay on top of this for you on twitter as well as abc 7 >> in san francisco, onis cut on what will be the new $90 million cruise ship terminal. this project is not without retractors. we're live to explain who isn't happy. >> those detractors live maybe 150 yards up and are concerned about the music. this, when finished does become a cruise ship terminal. yes, it does have a certain
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degree of controversy. everybody loves a ribbon cutting. most people, any way. all of those inside and outside of the building that will be the new cruise ship terminal. some residents are expressing concerns. >> parking. and noise. >> kathleen is worried about a series of summer music concerts outside of the building maybe two, three times a week. >> it's a problem. it's just the weekend. the sound bounces into our living rooms as if we're in the front row. >> mostly residents are upset >> we've been in touch but this should have started a year ago. >> they worry about traffic, crowds, today, san francisco mayor suggested they shouldn't
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worry. >> we'll work with communicating on concerts. i do think people will be involved that would love to come down here. >> they note they dmot want to stop the kons yeerts if they can just turn it so sound is heading to the way that would a=ú helñxv.ó >> not if you live in oakland. >> well... >> what should a casual observer make of this? we asked willie brown8mu. >> they are the weirdest collection of people i've been exposed to. there is nothing they will agree that can be done that doesn't greeld to their demands. >> but you like them? >> i love them, they voted for me. >> that is why he is former mayor willie brown. both sides are talking. they expect to get a
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resolution to this problem before long. thank you. >> nice outside. >> gorgeous along water front right now it is. i love the weather almost as much as i love will ease candor. let me give you a view. cloud free skies, mild conditions. it has been for days and continues to be this evening. from our camera, readings in san francisco, 53 degrees in oakland. another view from our camera here in downtown san francisco, looking eastward where it's darker. temperatures 57 in santa rosa and napa. 60 in concord, sheer look at the forecast features we're going to have another mild day.
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clouds will move into the bay area skies on thursday but that will not inhibit warming trend. warmth prevails on friday. looking at movement of the cold front you can see dropping down from northwest and bringing clouds and possibly rain to the pacific northwest. but not in the bay area.#/lñ storms now will?%a÷ veer to the north. some clouds late tomorrow into thursday pushing into bay area was az well. skies will be partly cloudy it will be nice and mild to warm. foremost of the bay area thursday. chilly where lows around 40 along the bay shore line, low 40s in san francisco. and as we look ahead to
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tomorrow, sunny skies, highs in mid to upper 60s. 66 degrees in redwood city and mountain view. on the coast mid to upper 50s, north bay, wide spread warmth with highs up to 68 degrees. 65? oakland, inland east bay highs into mitd to upper 60s and here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll see mid 70s inland by friday. low 70s around the bay. 62 on -- up to 62 on the coastline. a tapering off on tuesday. maybe a sprinkle or two. maybe rain is coming our way. >> we need it yes. we do. >> after a rise> theys of walking
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expect to pay more for gs
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lien, you can blame energy efficient cars for the increase. state board looked at raising excise tax by another 3.5 cents. the money generated used to repair roads and bridges in the state. state collecting less money in gas taxes last year because drivers are buying less gas. the solution? hike um tax more. >> it's hard. taking our money away from our other bills we've got to pay. >> drivers pay 70 cents per gallon in taxes. if it goes up, drivers will pay $26 extra at the pump each year. >>app a new voice will speak fr san francisco's sunset district at city hall starting tomorrow. mayor ed lee named katie tang. tang spent five years working as an aid to hsu. the 29-year-old grew up in the
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sunset district attending public schools in he oceanside. >> whether you're a single college student or starting a new family whether third generation sunset resident or part of a multi generational family, i want to make sure people want to live in outer sun skpet that people still want to live in san francisco. >> both tang and hsu will be sworn in tomorrow, today's announcement came after the mayor spent months pondering who should replace hsu. >> there are tl slt more still to come. we continue to follow breaking news in the santa cruz. we know that the two police officers who are shot today have died. a citywide manhunt continp5# right now. >> in the news i team has part two of an investigation into a chemical turning up in our drinking water tonight the cost of cleaning it up.
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we want to update you now
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on tragic breaking news in santa cruz. as we told you just minutes ago two police officers who are shot this afternoon have died along with the suspect. >> abc 7 news reporter just received an update ask is here live again with what she's learned. lisa? >> police just told us some troubling news. they have confirmed two police officers from the santa cruz police department as well as suspect are dead. they will not tell us any information about the officers including their names, ranks or genders they're saying they're still being sensitive. it's a hard time. they're not fiing nextr.oí of k. right now, though, because of everything that is happening santa cruz county sheriff is taking over this investigation but deputies will take over patrols for the city tonight. investigators do not think the public is in danger right now. they do not think that there are more suspects out there. as far as children and
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teachers there have been several schools on lock down. children and students and teachers are going to tart to get bused to county offices so they're loved ones can start to pick them up after 7:00 p.m. as for this scene it will stay up several more hours. i am told fbi is also on the scene. and that deputies now are still going door to door. they're searching homes, of the residents here just to make sure that everyone is safe tonight. we're live in santa cruz abc 7 news. >> tragic evening there. thank you very much. >> abc 7 news i team reported here last night california department of public health supposed to set a standard for a chemical found in drinking water. >> yes that. compound is known as chromium six. it's still not been established but that is not the only problem. >> abc 7 news i team reporter is here with part ii of the investigation dealing with the cost of cleaning this up.
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>> it's costs from all of us, water in california is expens expensive. but depending on how low the state sets a standard for chromium six you might end up paying a lot more. if you want to know how to remove it from drinking water you need to go to glendale its a good process technically. very simple. >> don and his team have been doing research for 10 years to address not only glendale's issues but state wide problem, data shows different levels in water across the state some gn some high it is o cause cans qler inhaled but there is debate over how much you can drink. >> we've shown comfortably we can get down to one part per billion. >> down from 80 in glendale. but he says the sirp simple procession developed isn't
6:33 pm
cheap. >> we cannot treat all that have water with removeal. otherwise we'd be paying as much for water as for a cell phone bill. >> the cost depends on what the department of public health sets as7.'rç a standard t by law was supposed to sflish nine years ago. >> lower have you to remove it, greater the cost is going to be. >> according to the water research foundation and american water works association, if the standard is set one part per billion over all cost for initial set up across the state could be as high as $21 billion if setting at 10 parts systems could have to pay $3.1 billion. >> it's a poison. it's well documented. shouldn't be in water. >> activist erin brokovich says it should be 0.02 for
6:34 pm
levels in the water. the goal is not enforceable, used to help guide the department of public health official standard but it's considered protective against idaho fied suspects she points out there is no process to get down to 0.002 level and bruce mackeler says more research needs to be done to see how much is dangerous to drink. >> that is tough. >> degree that that happens is still unknown. people are working on it we took samples to see if it's in the water. at santa clara county government administration building we found a 1.64 parts per billion level. down the road the number jumped to 2.95 parts per billion.
6:35 pm
officials declined to talk on camera but confirmed that they had between one and seven billion parts per billion in their wells and estimate it will< to remove. our tests found no detection but we found 0.468 tenths. >> it's not a surprise. >> manager of water quality for california water service company,acúr says levels in livermore are as high as 11 parts per billion. >> it's where it sticks. >> in preparations cal water has been running tests on the removeal. in conjunction with glendale trying to get an idea of what it will cost them, and you in communities could mean doubling tripling or quadrupling of the water bill. >> it is a buy product of
6:36 pm
industry such as chrome plating. the state said it could take until summer, 2015 before standard is set making it 11 years past the deadline. >> remarkable. >> it is. >> thanks. >> coming up 49ers go green. >> planning to keep the lights on and help power a
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>> 49ers new stadium going green thanks to solar power. >> but as abc 7 news explains it's taking a lot of planning. >> score one for workers at this plant that will be manufacturing next generation solar panels for new 49ers stadium. it's a team effort. the technology comes from sun power based in san jose. the fabrication done by 100 employees in this facility. and installation will be handled by texas based nrg
6:40 pm
energy. they will be installed in the training facility. >> panels on entry ways and and of course, there is going to be a leading edge renewable area going to have panel as above the area. like you can see here. >> panels will generate power run 100 homes. it will be sold to silicon valley power on game baydays will need power equivalent to rung 4,000 homes that. is why this substation is being built nearby. silicon valley power says it's state of the art with three trance formers that can be controlled remotely and it's more than enough to meet the needs of the stadium and other large customers. nobody wants this nightmare, a blackout stopping ravens game in new orleans. >> there is redone dance yes
6:41 pm
in every aspect of this including an extra feeder. there is automatic switch overs. >> the showcase l silicon valley technology and prowess. installation expected to start at the end of the year. expected to offset the energy needs of eight home games. >> remarkable it is. >> coming up next a gold action. action. >> a teacher cashes well, well, well.
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wall street regains more than half what it lost yesterday, rebounding from the biggest decline since november the dow went up 122 points. and s and p added nine. apple today agreed to settle a lawsuit by customers upset over being charged for apps down loaded by their children. this happen in your family? 23 million people would get $5
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credits making it worth more than $100 million z a headline from instagram. the site is less than two and a half years old, now has already 100 million users. >> bitter shelled out $3.5 million for part of a secret gold stash inherited from a relative who died in his home, crews discovered thousands of cold coins. a search determined that arlene imagedance was the sole heir. the county sold just a portion of it today. today's auction proceeds will pay estate taxes and fees. she plans to keep the rest. >> very good. boy. i need a reclusive uncle. >> don't we all? >> let's check in now with an update on the accu-weather forecast. >> all right. >> live doppler 7 hd not picking up anything but clear skies nork clouds around.
6:46 pm
no precipitation around. here is a look at kind of patterns we can expect. we're using san jose representative of what inland loixs can be expect in terms of high temperatures next couple days mid-70s by friday. 70s saturday then, mid to upper 60s for the remainder of the forecast period. tomorrow state wide mainly dry and mild conditions. mild chico in sacramento fresno, warm in southern california maybe a sprinkle or two in you're yeeka. in the bay areamrue, sunshine. high clouds upper 60s, here is the accu-weather forecast. mid-70s around the bay area. low 60s on the coast. by tuesday, we could look at a chance of rain. first we've sneen a while. >> we welcome it. >> yes. >> another resource for you?
6:47 pm
this is porn. you can follow this on twitter and get video forecast of course weather seats. >> thank you. >> hundreds of job seekers look to start their next career today. many people brought their resumes to the job mayor some companies interviewed job seekers right on the spot. other people took advantage of career coaching. our next higher event takes place march 26th engineer san francisco. >> all right. it's a boxing match with basketball. >> larry beil is now wheer sports. >> dwle. got out of control tonight. warriors and pacers in a brawl in indy. nasty late we'll
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good evening, warriors road trip continueded in indianapolis. a brawl breakingt court. seth curry came out firing early. seven threes and with
6:51 pm
authority, but finished with only nine points. spacers second best record in these tough at home spin move up nine. bringing warriors to the six blg to get no closer. here,w comes curry to break it up. and now, it's on with bodies all over the -- the court there. no injuries. 108-97, pacers was the final that. ends the warriors three-game winning streak.
6:52 pm
giants and dodgers in glendale. gave up three runs on four hits. acht's lose to d backs in scottsdale, 9-4. a's short stop now with arizona hit a two two-run homer, robert gurero had floyd mayweather junior onaró#l his rr for a!i8xl krupel years. talking about the most lucrative fight of his career. he calls himself the ghost because he can't hit what you can't see. he has seen a lot in his fights. now he gets a pay day against floyd mayweather june year yes i was calling him out.
6:53 pm
he came back with i won't know who he is. >> one thing is that he's a mastermind in the ring. so that is why he dominates everybody. >> the record will atest to that. a lot of boxers want no part of mayweather. >> what is about you that wants to take on this challenge? >> we want to be the best. i want to be there in his shoes. i want to be the top guy. you want to leave that legacy in boxing. >> in 2010 he gave up his title and took a year off to care for his wife, battling luke keem yachl she found a donor for a bone marrow transplant. robert is dedicating this fight to knockout blood cancer. >> you can save money's live.
6:54 pm
>> save mid wife's life, i'm grateful to it. >> so give me your rediction. >> you're going to hear new pound for pound king in boxing. robert, the ghost gurero. >> that is a huge opportunity to see him get a shot. >> continuing breaking news in santa cruz. abc 7 news learned officer shot and killed this evening the line of duty in santa cruz. >> police investigating a sexual assault. officers shot and killed a suspect. ne believe the public is no longer in danger but they're continuing to search tonight in case. >> we have two abc 7 news crews following this story. you can follow us on twitter
6:55 pm
to get updates on abc 7 news bay area. >> and join me tonight at 9:00, also coming up then... >> let me address those of you up for an award. >> now, you can add california lawmakers they're formal complaint at 9:00. >> then, triple -- double vision, even triple vision while driving. investigating this hazard tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> and at jimmy kimmel live, guests are terrence howard and churchhill. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for watching. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. here for the deciding game are the finalists -- a research chemist originally from charlotte, north carolina... ...a strategic analyst for nasa from huntsville, alabama...
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alex: colby. 1870s show, $200. kristin. who is ibsen? you are right. facts & figures for $200. keith. what's a chihuahua? right. facts & figures for $400. keith. what's chicken pox? right. facts for $600. keith. what's luxembourg? good. $800, facts. kristin. what is wharton? wharton. correct.

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